Sunday, October 28, 2007

I've been tagged!

The wonderfully creative Sheila from Baby Go Retro tagged me.

1. I am a total night owl. I can't accomplish anything in the am. But from 6pm to who knows I get the most done burning the midnight oil.

2. I robbed the cradle. My husband is younger than me.

3. I was a total tomboy growing up. Much to my mom's chagrin who bought me beautiful clothing. Sometimes if we were going shopping, she'd buy me something else to wear while were out so I didn't embarrass her.

4. I grew up in Kansas. I graduated from KU the year we won the final four and I got to go to the game with my then boyfriend.

5. My grandmother is the coolest person I know; she taught me how to ride a bike, how to pitch a baseball, to say the Lord's Prayer,... It didn't hurt that she spoiled me rotten.

6. I love clothes, fashion, shopping, etc. My girls have WAY too many clothes; since having kids, I love buying for them so much more than myself.

7. I love to ride horses and used to team rope before having kids.

Here are the rules which you must abide by if you are tagged:

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).

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I'm tagging.....
3.Natalie K
4.Beth Cardwell

Woo! I'm totally new to all this.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Denver MHO on The Next Great American Band

The fantastic Christian big band music on my website is by Denver and the Mile High Orchestra.

The band was chosen as one of the 12 finalists for Fox's latest reality show, The Next Great American Band. The show airs Friday's at 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central. The Next Great American Band is produced by the same producers of American Idol and is structured in a similar format. Each Friday every group performs and then the audience calls in and votes for their favorite group. The group with the fewest votes is eliminated and sent home.

Here's what we can do to support DMHO!:

1. Be sure to watch the show and call in (multiple times if you can) to vote for DMHO.
2. Tell all your friends about DMHO, about them being on the show and encourage the friends to watch and vote.
3. Heck, tell EVERYONE you see everywhere you go!
4. Call your local radio stations and ask them if they can play a DMHO song and if they would mention that DMHO could be The Next Great American Band.
5. If you have a DMHO shirt, wear it on Fridays during the show.
6. Forward this email to everyone in your address book to tell them about this great band on this awesome new show.
7. Hum DMHO songs all day long!
8. Send us your ideas ( to help your fellow fans promote DMHO for The Next Great American Band... (we'll send some of them out next week... the good, the bad, and the ugly)

Oh, and be sure you watch DMHO this upcoming Friday, Oct 26, at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central for their first live performance!

Let's support a great Christian band in getting the message out to the world.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

November 2nd Christmas Portraits

I'll be doing Christmas Portraits at the Lollipop Tree on Friday November 2nd from 1 to 7pm.
Go in and see the beautiful items they have for the Holiday Season and beyond.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

In an old house in Paris....

"In an old house in Evansville that was covered with vines,
Lived two little girls in two straight lines
In two straight lines, they broke their bread, brushed their teeth, and went to bed
They left the house at half past nine,
In rain or shine,
The smallest one was Madeline."

My apologies to Ludwig Bemelmans for the creative lisence taken with his prose.
Madeline has been an all time favorite at our house for years. The spunky little heroine and her mischievous antics reminds us greatly of two certain little people.

I was glad that Ryan wanted to portray Madeline for the Fall Festival Pet Parade. Tate obligingly went along as Miss Clavel though she preferred to call her the hip hop nun! We've been doing the Pet Parade since Tate was little and the girls love walking down the street waving to the crowds.

Here's my mischievous Madeline and her hip hop nun.